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Prefab Metal Stud Wall Panels: What You Need to Know

Why is the industry shifting from on-site to off-site panelized metal stud wall framing? The answer is simple. Prefabricating medal stud wall panels benefits everyone involved by shaving time and cost off the project, the two biggest commodities in the industry.

Here, Jonathan Baczewski, Director of Project Design for Panel Pros, walks you through the three-phase process:

Phase 1: Engineering

During the engineering phase, Panel Pros works hand-in-hand with the general contractor to custom-design prefabricated structural steel wall panels to the specifications of the job.

    • The first step is creating initial drawings calculating stud size, gauge and spacing. Once these rough drawings are agreed upon, detailed shop drawings are produced to show the placement of each stud.
    • Every trade is taken into account to predetermine whether a stud needs to be relocated or removed to make way for an elevator shaft, vent, pipe, etc. These drawings will serve as a reference by the crew in the shop to fabricate the wall panels.
    • Meanwhile, a superintendent works on logistics. He’ll make site visits with the crane company to determine in which location it will operate. Decisions will be made about where to accept deliveries. At this time, we will also discuss working within OSHA requirements to make sure the job runs safely.

 Phase 2: Fabrication  

All the “hard” work happens during the engineering phase. Once drawings are finalized, Panel Pros is ready to order materials and begin the fabrication process.

  • In our 40,000-square-foot panel shop, our crew creates structural steel studs guided by instructions based on the approved drawings.
  • By producing our own studs, we are able to control costs and pass the savings on to the developer. Indoor fabrication also results in less material waste, which also translates into reduced costs. We can also work quickly without our schedule being impacted by weather conditions.
  • Panels are ready by the time the job site is ready for them. We load our trucks and deliver panels on demand.

Phase 3: Installation  

While other subcontractors are working on the job site, we are busy creating wall panels which will be ready to deliver on demand.

  • All materials arrive on the job site ready to be installed without the need for any cutting or sorting.
  • Walls go up fast. A 30-foot-long wall can potentially be set in minutes versus hours. An entire floor can typically be set in one or two days.
  • When unexpected situations arise on the job site, we are able to respond immediately to make any necessary adjustments.

What Sets Panel Pros Apart?

Panel Pros has distinguished itself by offering the ability to manage the process from start to finish. We are able to better control each step: engineering, fabrication and installation. It’s a better experience because we are involved from generating the drawings all the way down the line to immediately responding to adjustments on the job site.

Panel Pros, a Division of Construction Pros of NJ, is an industry leader in engineering, fabricating and installing prefab metal stud wall panels for residential and commercial real estate developers. Panel Pros specializes in panelized metal stud framing for projects in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts as well as throughout the eastern United States. To learn more, contact 888-377-3176.